Campeau Laboratory

Our expertise at your service for 30 years

Creator of your projects

At Laboratoire Campeau, meeting your needs is our raison d'être. We offer a personalized service tailored to your individual, collective or professional realities.

Whether it is to supply you with products of all kinds or to participate in the development of your own range of products, we are here for you!

Entrust us with your dreams, your projects, your concerns and we will do everything possible to give you complete satisfaction.

Because your smile is our pride, our fuel and our greatest achievement!


Our service offer

  • Services

    • Formulation
    • Analysis
    • Production
    • Turnkey
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  • Products

    • Raw materials
    • Fragrances
    • bottles
    • Packaging
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  • Shop

    • Cosmetics and care
    • household
    • For animals
    • For automobiles
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