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  • Cosmetic

    Our cosmetics offer a wide range of products for
    meet the specific needs of different groups of people and
    of animals.

    Our ranges for men and women offer products for the maintenance of the beard, hair, cleansers, moisturizers, shaving products, beard balms, body care, face and hair, including lotions, moisturizers, shower gels and anti-aging products.

    Our ranges for babies and children are formulated with particular attention to the delicacy of their skin, offering gentle and hypoallergenic products with a balanced pH such as lotions, shampoos and soaps adapted to their age.

    Our animal ranges offer grooming products specially designed to take care of their coat and skin, including shampoos, care sprays and paw products.

    Whether it is to take care of yourself, your beard, your pet or your children, cosmetics offer solutions adapted to everyone.

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  • Industrial

    Our sanitary and industrial products are carefully designed to meet your cleaning needs, whether at home or in demanding industrial environments. We are committed to offering environmentally friendly solutions by offering biodegradable and natural products. Their tenacious efficiency guarantees impeccable cleaning results, while preserving air quality and minimizing
    the impact on the planet. Whether it's for stubborn stain removal, disinfection or general maintenance, our high-quality sanitary and industrial products are designed to meet your highest expectations for cleanliness and hygiene.

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