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Laboratoire Campeau supports you in your projects, with a consulting service specializing in the creation, manufacture and production of household, cosmetic and animal products.

Faithful partners of many Quebec entrepreneurs , we are proud to be able to manufacture a multitude of ecological, biodegradable and healthy products.

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Your Expert in Formulation and Modification

We specialize in the formulation and
modification of products in the fields of cosmetics and health.
Our team of experts puts its know-how at your service to answer your
specific needs.

Whether you are looking for a new formula or the modification
of an existing formula, we work closely with you
to create tailor-made solutions. Our experience and expertise
make it possible to formulate products that meet criteria such as
biodegradability, Ecocert, natural and Vegan certifications while
respecting our environment.

We also understand the concerns about
potentially harmful substances. This is why we avoid the use
products such as PEGs, silicones, parabens, and others.

When you need to modify an existing formula,
We're here to accompany you. We process your information with the
utmost confidentiality and we strive to preserve the integrity of your
original formula.

At Laboratoire Campeau, we are committed to providing
high quality formulation and modification solutions, meeting
your highest expectations.magnitude.

This type of modification requires one or more sample productions to ensure the desired recipe.

Development of new products

Discover our research and development department
produced at Labo Campeau. We specialize in creating and
innovation, providing you with cutting-edge expertise to transform your ideas
in reality.

Our dedicated team of researchers and developers
works with passion to develop customized solutions that meet
your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a new formula
for your existing products or whether you want to create something

completely new, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Thanks to our methodical approach and our knowledge
in-depth knowledge of the regulations in force, we carry out research
in-depth on the ingredients, their effectiveness and their compliance with the standards
health and safety. We take into account the specificities of your
target market, adapting our research according to the regulations specific to
each country.

Trust our expertise in research and
product development to help bring your deepest ideas to life
innovative. Contact us today to discuss your projects and
start creating unique solutions that will make a difference in the market.

Discover our product research and development service at Labo
Campeau. We transform your ideas into reality with expertise. Researches
thorough and precise development guarantee solutions

customized according to standards. Contact us to create products
unique and innovative.

Manufacturing and packaging

Our formulation and packaging department offers a
complete range of bottling solutions adapted to different production volumes. Whether you need to package small quantities of product or manage larger scale production, we are here to meet your specific needs.

We are flexible with production volumes, which means we can bottle products in small batches to meet the needs of start-ups, seasonal demand businesses, or niche products. Likewise, we are able to handle larger volumes for corporate or product launches.

Additionally, we understand the importance of privacy
and the protection of the intellectual property of our customers. We implement strict security measures to guarantee the confidentiality of
your formulas and production processes.

Whether you need a one-time, mixed-volume bottling service or a long-term solution, our formulation and packaging department is here to help. We are committed to providing high quality services at competitive prices and within the agreed time frame.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and find out how we can help bring your bottling project to fruition.

Analysis of physico-chemical products

Our laboratory specializing in physico-chemical analyzes offers a full range of services to assess the composition and properties of your products. We understand the importance of understanding in detail the nature of the chemical and physical substances present in your samples, whether for regulatory, quality or research and development reasons.

Our physico-chemical analysis services are carried out by a highly qualified team of scientists and experienced technicians, who use state-of-the-art methods and the latest generation laboratory equipment. We have the ability to analyze a wide range of products, such as food products, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, personal care products, building materials and many more.
We offer a variety of tests and analyzes to assess different characteristics of your samples, including chemical composition, purity, concentration, stability, viscosity, density, solubility, chemical reactivity, thermal properties, and more.
Our laboratory follows strict quality and reliability standards to ensure accurate and reproducible results. We also understand the importance of deadlines in the business world, which is why we are committed to delivering fast results without compromising the quality of our analyses.

Whether you need occasional analyzes or regular monitoring, our team is ready to support you in your physico-chemical analysis needs. We are here to provide you with valuable information about the composition of your products, help you ensure compliance with applicable regulations, improve their quality and support your product development process.

Contact us today to discuss your specific physico-chemical analysis needs, and find out how our laboratory can help you achieve your quality control and product innovation goals.

We also offer the following services:


% Total Anionic Surfactant (ASTM-D3049-89)

% Amphoteric surfactant, betaine or soap

% Quaternary Ammonium Compound/Total Cationic Surfactant

% Chloride (sodium or other) (ASTM-D800)


% NTA (ASTM-D1767-89)

% Sodium Hypochlorite (Active Chlorine) (ASTM-D2022)

% Mineral matter (ash)

% Water (Karl Fisher) (ASTM-E203-75)

% Solids (Baked) (USP XXIII <731>)

% Solids Refractometers

% Phosphate (ASTM D800)

% Collagen

% Glycosaminoglycans (GAG as chondroitin sulfate)


Refractive index

Total Alkalinity (ASTM-D501)

Alkaline reserve per SOR 2001-269

Total acidity

Acid reserve according to SOR 2001-269

pH (ASTM-E70-77)

pH on soap bar (sol. 10%)

Viscosity (Brookfield RV)

Density at 20oC (pycnometer)

Hot or cold cloud point

Flash point validated, TAG closed cup (for MSDS and transport) (ASTM-D56-93)




Klett Summerson

Spectrophotometer (USP XXIII <1061>)



surfactants: anionic, cationic, amphoteric, soap

Polysaccharide gums



ethoxylated nonionics

phenol derivatives


chelating agents: EDTA, NTA, phosphonates


Heavy metals (USP, method 1) on colorless liquid

Heavy metals (USP, method 2)

Summary analysis of a market product for pre-formulation

Metal scanning

total silica

total phosphorus

total nitrogen



Accelerated stability test (3 months, 3 temperatures) base price

Challenge test, efficacy test of USP or CTFA preservatives

Creation of bilingual Material Safety Data Sheets (GHS)
(flash point extra if required)

Consumer or industrial label composition

Biodegradation certificate

Table of naturals (cosmetics)


Dishwashing test (DCC-010) (comparing 2 products)

Window washing test (DCC-09)

Tableware deposition evaluation (ASTM 3556)

Quantitative foam test: instant foam and foam stability

comparing 2 products (HM-025)

Demineralization test on acid cleaner (marble block test) (ECO-LOGO)

Laundry Detergent Efficacy Test, Fabric Test with Reflectometer (ASTM D4265)

Effectiveness test of hard surface cleaners, reflectometer readings


File management fee and certificate of analysis ($30)